Magento Page Cache Warming

Lets use a simple software to warm pages so they load faster and already in cache.

Before we do anything we need to install the following software

sudo apt-get install libxml-xpath-perl siege -y

Now lets setup Sitemap in Magento prior doing anything  – assuming that’s all taken care follow the following steps.

cat /home/yoursite/public_html/sitemap.xml | xpath -q -e "/urlset/url/loc/text()" > /root/tmp.urls

If the file is not local simply run the following

curl --silent | xpath -q -e "/urlset/url/loc/text()" > tmp.urls

Now let’s make it warm

siege -v -c 1 -r `cat tmp.urls | wc -l` -f /root/tmp.urls

That’s it.

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