Amazon Lightsail But Why?

Alright Hom’es .. Today I spend few hours trying to figure out which is what and what is what 🙂 – I am not a writer but this is just my diary so I know what I did, If you like it or find any grammar mistakes , Good for you 😉


Amazon Lightsail is easy, But I still can’t figure this out why Amazon is offering lightsail, If you compare this with EC2 it’s like they are trying to move from EC2 or trying to simplify things, Few things I’ve notice missing from Lightsail are :-

Did I say Missing ? CRAP 🙂

  • You cannot assign Inbound IP and Outbound IP in your Firewall ( in EC2 it’s known as Security Group)
  • You cannot encrypt your DISK *STORAGE*, the only way you can encrypt your storage, If you make a snapshot and restore, that’s the only time you can encrypt your storage . Kind’a LAME 🙂
  • There’s nothing else I find crazy about Lightsail.
  • Oh YEA – They offer a simplified version or RDS – Which is DOPE

Don’t Know Why?

Lightsail is easy & super simple, In EC2, you’ve to define A, B , C , & D, for every things you add & you pay per hour, *I know you can get reserve or spot instance* I really didn’t find anything wrong with LIGHTSAIL , But the question is WHY? Is Amazon competing with Digital Ocean , Vultr or million other’s cloud provider’s, but WHY ? & What’s the desperation 🙂 –

If you guy’s know why, please let me know, so it can help other’s.

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