Increase price by 10% in Excel using VB Formula

This is the code to add to your excel file in order for you to increase the price, Please pay special attention where it say’s Call CheckDollar (“A”) and so on. Basically, I don’t know in which column or sheet you have the price $ is placed so what this code does it will look for dollar sign and increase the price in my example by 5% or 10%

Cells(i, column).Value = (Cells(i, column).Value) * 1.05 

Above statement show’s price increase by 5% and the following code shows price increase by 10%

Public Sub main() 

Call CheckDollar("A") 
Call CheckDollar("B") 
Call CheckDollar("C") 
Call CheckDollar("D") 
Call CheckDollar("E") 
Call CheckDollar("F") 
Call CheckDollar("G") 
End Sub 

Public Sub CheckDollar(column As String) 

Dim N As Long, i As Long 

N = Cells(Rows.Count, column).End(xlUp).Row 

For i = 1 To N 
' MsgBox (Cells(i, column).NumberFormatLocal) 
If InStr(Cells(i, column).NumberFormatLocal, "$$") > 0 Or Cells(i, column).NumberFormatLocal = "$#,##0.00" Then 
Cells(i, column).Value = (Cells(i, column).Value) * 1.1 
End If 
Next i 

End Sub


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