Magento2 Varnish 503 Backend Fetch Failed Problem **SOLVED

I’ve  M2.10 , Varnish , Redis and Nginx intalled and using Php7.08 with installed after doing a lot of research I wasn’t able to find a solution for this.

I was moving around attributes from groups to un-assigned group in Magento 2.10, I notice I was having issue with Varnish and the error was Varnish 503 Backend Fetch Failed.

The problem was in “clean_cache_by_tags” function in Magento. I think it’s an error clearing the cache in php7 & magento2.

Quick fix is to turn off block_html cache. Everything works in Php 5.6x but in PHP7.08 its causing a lot of problem.

Should I downgrade or stay upgraded is the question ?

After installing php5.6 it appears everything seems to be working fine


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