Odoo9 Community to Odoo9 Enterprise Database Upgrade

Today I’ve purchase Odoo9 Enterprise therefore I need to move my database from Odoo9 community to Odoo9 Enterprise at first I was getting Internal server error then after some research I realize that I need to upgrade my database here are the steps I took.

You need to restore your Odoo9 Community Database to Odoo9 Enterprise and then perform the following task.

Step 1

service odoo stop

Step 2

sudo su odoo -s /bin/bash

Step 3

/usr/bin/odoo.py --addons=/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openerp/addons -u all

Now Odoo9 Enterprise is started, Next step is you need to access Odoo from the web so it can start the upgrade process, It will start and you exit terminal and start odoo manually or simply reboot your server and walla its done.

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